Ashmead Carp Fishery

Ashmead Fishery Rules

  1. Please respect the lake, the fish, the environment and other anglers at all times. Please make Ashmead a fishery with which you are proud to be associated. Any breach of these rules or unacceptable behaviour by any angler will result in the immediate banning of the angler responsible from the fishery without any refund of their fees or damages deposit.
  2. Please make sure you are carrying the appropriate number of valid Environment Agency Rod Licences at all times. Environment Agency Byelaws apply.
  3. Anglers fish the lake entirely at their own risk and the owners accept no liability for personal injury and/or loss or damage to personal property. When booking you will be asked to sign a copy of these rules to confirm that you are accepting full liability for any personal injury and/or any loss or damage to your property whilst you are at Ashmead, however caused.
  4. Access to the fishery will open at 2pm on the first day of your visit and you must vacate the fishery by no later than 12.00 noon on the last day of your visit.
  5. A maximum 3-rod limit is in place at all times. Please do not spread rods out between swims and fish with all rods within eyesight and within Environment Agency byelaws. If you leave your swim for any purpose, please reel in.
  6. Please keep the hut, cooking and toilet facilities clean at all times.
  7. Leave no litter at Ashmead. Bring Bin Bags and take all litter home with you at the end of your stay.
  8. No angling whilst under the influence of alcohol.
  9. There will be a closed season for part of May and June, or the completion of spawning, to protect the carp during this sensitive time. There may be some flexibility in this date, depending on the spawning activity of the fish and certain areas of the fishery may be closed for angling if spawning is likely or is underway.
  10. No nuts of any description. Ensure all particles are prepared properly. No plastic or other artificial baits of any description.
  11. Wading or use of a boat is permitted only at your own risk and only to release fish that have become snagged or weeded. Use of the lifejackets provided at the hut is mandatory whenever wading or using a boat. Wading and/or use of a boat is only permitted when you are accompanied by at least two other anglers, at least one of whom must remain on the bank at all times. If a hooked fish becomes weeded or snagged and you are unable to contact other anglers at the fishery, call the owners immediately on the emergency telephone numbers provided and someone will come down to assist you. If a carp becomes snagged, put your rod back onto your alarm/rest, with the bale arm open while you seek assistance.
  12. Only mats, nets and slings provided by the fishery for use exclusively at Ashmead may be used. We trust you to protect the stock against any risk of disease transfer. No sacks, unhooking mats, weigh slings or other equipment that has been used at other fisheries and may have been in contact with any fish, is to be brought to Ashmead.
  13. No sacking of fish under any circumstances other than where there is thought to be direct threat to the carp’s health and well-being. We will provide a few sacks on site for the retention of fish in distress, but do not sack carp merely to get a daylight photograph. If you think the well-being of a fish justifies sacking, you must contact the teams immediately on the emergency telephone numbers provided and someone will come down to assist you.
  14. Use sensible tackle and respect the fish: no fixed leads; no long-shanked or bent hooks; microbarbed hooks or crimped barbs only; use sensible line strength (15lbs or 0.35mm minimum); no multistrand or other “cutting” hooklengths; no braid mainlines. Ensure all rigs are safe and be shed safely by a carp in the event of any loss or breakage. Rigs may be checked on arrival and again during your stay.
  15. Please complete the fishery diary at the end of your stay; it will be helpful to have a record of your experiences at the fishery in future years.
  16. Please send photographs of fish or the fishery to the email address of WhatsApp supplied in your welcome pack. Pictures may be shared on social media however the Carp Society or Ashmead Fishery must be tagged into posts.
  17. Ensure the fishery gate is closed and locked at all times. Otters are in permanent residence around Ashmead and we rely upon your diligence to protect the fishery and it’s fish stocks at all times. The padlock combination will be provided on your arrival, this should be kept confidential and should not be shared, the code will change weekly to provide additional security.
  18. No bait boats or sonar devices allowed on the fishery.
  19. Only Guide dogs and Dogs for the Disabled will normally be permitted at Ashmead Fishery. Other dogs may be permitted by special arrangement in writing. Owners are entirely responsible for clearing up after their dogs. If dogs are agreed they must be kept under control and you clean up any mess. Please walk your dog outside the fishery; there are miles of paths just outside the fishery gate.
  20. Appointed Carp Society bailiffs may visit the lake during your stay and are available to give assistance, if required, and can offer advice to help you catch. They will also advise you if you are infringing any of the rules above. Please cooperate with them if this happens as this will help to ensure that Ashmead continues to be a special place to fish.
  21. All anglers should have a carp care kit on them at all times.
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